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Here, with just a click, you can access Arikeh entire collections, which includes reeds ranging from 400, 500, 700, 1200, 1500, to 1600.

Ordering Carpet

Whatever your design requirement may be, whether it be your own brand logo, a favourite image or view, a national or religious symbol, we can bring it to life in a custom carpet or rug.

Please complete and submit the request form below



One of our sales representatives will verify Whether your request meets our production requirements.

Once your request is approved by the factory, we will promptly assign a designer to your project. Subsequently, we will provide you with a digital design for your review and approval.

Once the digital design is approved, we will send you the contract.

The factory will commence the manufacturing process of the custom carpet. In the meantime, we offer you the opportunity to monitor the process of manufacturing by providing you with live images and video of the weaving stages.