About Arikeh Carpet

Kashan is known around the world as the capital of handmade, as well as machine-made carpets. So many of the most original, handmade carpets found on display in renowned museums across the world belong to the artistic carpet-makers of Kashan. The Pazyryk rug, dating back to the 4th century BC, is recognized as the oldest rug in the world. Its intricate patterns exhibit a striking resemblance to the stone slabs found in Persepolis, leading many historians to conclude its ancient Iranian heritage. Moreover, during the Safavid dynasty, Kashan gained a notable reputation as the primary supplier of rugs to the royal court. The rugs woven with silk, silver, and gold bestowed upon the city both fame and prosperity. In 2010, Kashan Carpets attained official recognition from UNESCO, earning inscription as a vital component of Iran’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Drawing upon centuries-old traditions and the expertise of experienced carpet weaving masters, Arikeh Carpet stands as an industry leader in the production and export of machine-made and handmade carpets, as well as framed rugs. We take pride in utilizing the finest materials and employing precise tools to ensure the highest quality.

Arikeh Carpet comprises a team of 500 experts, 42 carpet weaving machines, and a production capacity of 4,580,200 square meters. Our factory spans an area of 102,000 square meters, while our showroom covers 6,000 square meters. With over 10 years of experience in production and export, Arikeh handles all stages of design, production, spinning, dyeing, and weaving in-house.

Arikeh Carpet is a division of the Puyan Pasargad Kashan Group, a renowned specialist in the production and export of premium-quality carpets. We have actively participated in numerous international exhibitions and have established showrooms in various countries.

Arikeh Carpet is delighted to accept orders for carpets and rugs tailored to customers’ specifications including: size, density, design and colour.


Arikeh Core Values

· Valuing Our Customers

· Customized Carpets to Suit Customer Preferences

· Reliable Customer Support

· Emphasis on Quality


Arikeh Vision

Our objective is to showcase the masterpieces of Iranian carpets in the global market, enhance their visibility, and bring the essence of magnificence, beauty, and serenity to your home.